Elite athletes, soldiers and performers, recognise the importance of staying hydrated to optimise their performance, concentration and decision making. For this reason, you would never find our founder John without his water bottle when at work. For a long while John’s water bottles were provided by a well-known sports drink company who brand themselves in bright green.

During a consultancy task John was informed by the Chief Executive that although the process being carried out by John was going very well that it was however ‘completely inappropriate to have a child’s plastic beaker to drink from in a board room!’

On the one hand, it seemed incredible that key decision making processes were being conducted over many hours and no one was bothering to stay hydrated. Whilst on the other hand, bright green plastic bottles did not fit with the culture of this organisation in the view of the CEO!

From then on John became known as ‘the guy with the green bottle!’

Moving Forward

This clash of paradigms and perspectives remains core to how John and Green Bottle Consulting continue to operate. Being able to see and understand each other’s point of view on issues is crucial to lasting relationships and success.

The other compelling reason for choosing to become ‘Green Bottle Consulting’ is because it is crucial that we can learn from and smile at situations which move our thinking forward. We understand that high performers can only be at their best when they can be human, encounter challenges, changes and setbacks and move forward positively with a smile on their face.