Take a look at what high performing athletes and business leaders have said about the success we have had together with them over the years. 

Our unique approach comes from years of proven success working with high performing athletes and business leaders.


‘I had the best season of my life…’

I had the best season of my life working with John, he is a great coach, very structured and driven and knows what it takes to succeed. He is always willing to put himself out to achieve results for those who work with him.

Tommy Searle - MXGP World Championship rider for Monster Energy Kawasaki Team


‘He is a master of observant listening…’

John is an amazing coach the feedback I've had from our clients has been fantastic he is able to make a bridge between elite athletes and elite executives in terms of maximising their performance. He asks people very skilled questions is a master of observant listening and has helped people set clear objectives and improve their performance. I'm so proud that John is part of our team.

Paul Johnson - Managing Director, 3DKS


‘A coach with integrity…’

John is a coach with integrity. I can’t praise him highly enough - he is skilful and principled.

Professor David Megginson - Founder, past Chairman, current Ambassador at European Mentoring and Coaching Council


‘I fully believe he played a part in my journey to becoming an Olympic finalist…’

I fully believe he played a part in my journey to becoming an Olympic Finalist. I still fully believe in John’s practices and use them on a day to day basis during my training. John has time for anyone who is willing to listen and learn and take on his vast knowledge in coaching, performance and excellence.

Jonny Walton - Olympic Finalist 5th Place Rio Olympic games Double Sculls Rowing


‘I feel like I have something my opponent doesn't…’

Being coached by you gives me confidence because I feel like I have something my opponent doesn’t have. You believe in who you’re  working with and expect high standards, I think this sets the culture for all your sessions that high standards are expected.

Jade Clarke - Professional Netballer and England’s most capped player of all time


‘He is a person I trust…’

John is meticulous in his work and taught me the value of hard work which has stuck with me throughout my career. Not only did he take care of my training but he cared about me as a person and treated me with compassion, knowing the right times to push me and when too ease off if I was ever showing signs of struggling physically or emotionally. He is a person I trust and was looking out for my best interests at all times.

Barry Middleton - 4 x Olympian Most & All time most capped English hockey player


‘Common sense and non-judgmental  approach, that made me feel at ease…’


“I had opportunity to work with John for the last few years. John is very friendly and approachable. He is a skillful coach and I felt that he listened to me really well and understood the context of my work. John exudes energy and I felt enthused by it. He has a common sense and non-judgmental  approach, that made me feel at ease working with him. I would recommended john to anyone who is wanting to enhance their performance”

Dr Luqman Rajput - Chief Executive Officer Primary Care Lincolnshire Medical Services


‘With John by your side, you push your limits and achieve…’

Undoubtedly with John's coaching I was at my fittest and most confident. He has an ability to make you get the best out of yourself and with him by your side you push your limits and achieve things you might otherwise have not tried’

Lucy Lynch - England lacrosse most capped player of all time


‘Thoroughly enjoyable, and hard…’

John was always approachable and very happy to help with any questions I had, he was happy to admit he didn’t have all the answers and this admirable trait and shows his character well. Working with John was always thoroughly enjoyable and hard!

Phil Burgess - Olympic Silver medallist, Rio England Rugby 7s


‘Able to maximise the potential of clients…’

John Walton has provided coaching services for people in the EMH Group. He has a unique coaching style which builds on his knowledge and expertise in sports psychology. Applying the experiences he has gained from coaching world class athletes, he is able to maximise the potential of his clients and improve their performance. John is effective in working with both individuals and teams.

Chan Kataria - Group Chief Executive, EMH Group


‘Developed rapport and trust with our people…’

I wanted to pass on our thanks for your work with us facilitating review meetings with our Leadership team as part of  our review of our Leadership Development Programme.

You quickly understood the brief and the issues, and developed rapport and trust  with the people involved so that the feedback and outputs were open and candid, and of real value. Your work helped us think about  how we moved forward with the programme and how we work together as a team at a time of change for our organisation. Your style and approach enabled everyone to really engage in the review and openly discuss some sensitive issues, which has really helped us be clear on the issues that need to be considered and responded to going forwards.

We enjoyed working with you and wish you every success for the future.

Debbie Griffiths - Chief Executive, Housing Plus Group


‘Helped me recognise what I value most…’

John has always been a great asset to me, coaching me through sport and life. As a now ex-international athlete, he has helped me to transform into a successful business owner, channelling my strengths as an athlete into the business world. His coaching particularly helped me to recognise what I value most, and helped me to develop these areas further.

Rich Stead - Managing Director, Athletes Insight & Former Team GB Bobsleigh


‘Ability to engage individuals at all levels…’

I have known and worked with John for 10 years, he has the ability to engage individuals at all levels and naturally provides a focus on high performance.

Dr David Marshall - Treasury Manager BMW Finance


‘Helped me to clarify the athlete I want to be…’

I have seen a real benefit in the mental side of my game and career. The main focus of our mentoring sessions is goal setting, centering more on personal goals and my mental approach, which is key in any performance athlete's life.

Our sessions have made me more aware of the importance of my environment. John has put me in a position where I am confident to make my own decisions, and begin to understand my feelings and the reasons why I feel them (whether that is related to competition, practice, training, environment, my career, or even personal). He has helped me to clarify the athlete and person I want to be now, and who I want to become. He understands the sacrifices I have made and will continue to make, and helps me to make sense of that. It is very easy to get too focused on particular aspects of my career, and John gives me the chance to discuss anything that I need to. However, what is key is that he doesn't give me the answers to my questions, he makes me figure it out. For me, that is the main thing, because then I'm doing what I want to do, and not what somebody is telling or asking me to do.

In a mentoring capacity, I cannot value John's input enough. John is approachable, knowledgeable and respectful, but, crucially, also commands respect. He is an integral part of my support team, and has undoubtedly played a role in the recent successes in my career.

Mel Reid - US LPGA & 2 x Solheim Cup Professional Golfer


‘Pushed me to make big gains…’

I worked with John at a key stage in my development. The energy and knowledge John brought to sessions was brilliant and pushed me to make big gains, he helped instil in me the work ethic required to be successful in the professional game.

Henry Pyrgos - Scotland International Rugby Player and Glasgow Warriors Co-Captain